Your 1-On-1 Holistic Health Coaching Program.

This program is for you if you

→ struggle with thyroid imbalances, digestive issues (especially bloating & indigestion) and weight problems
→ experience an under- or overactive thyroid and you want to bring your thyroid hormones back into balance naturally.
→ want to know how to eat right for your thyroid and overall health
→ want to discover food sensitivities & get your energy levels back
→ need help with stress management, self-love & all the tips you need to live a life you truly love! 

Take your health into your own hands and get your hypo- or hyperthyroidism under control holistically.
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Private Yoga Classes in Vienna

Would you like to practice yoga in the comfort of your own home?

Are you looking for private yoga classes tailored to your needs?

Do you want to deepen your practice, reduce back pain, become more flexible, reduce stress & anxiety or work on anything else specific with me as your private yoga teacher? Click down below to book your next class!