Are you based in Vienna looking
for a private yoga teacher?

Private yoga classes are a great way to really work on the areas you want to improve! 
As a Certified Yoga Teacher my favourite way to teach is via private classes 🙏 This way I can really focus on you as a person, help you with your alignment, listen to your needs and create the perfect yoga class for you!

If you want to
Release stress & reduce anxiety
→ Move your body in a way that’s right for you
→ Increase your mobility and flexibility 
Reduce back pain
Work on specific yoga poses
Gain strength / lose weight
Practice mindfulness & meditation
→ Work on anything specific, you can let me know ☺


Contact me below and let’s flow together soon!
Nathalie Shanti Camel Pose

Yes, I would love to have a private yoga teacher! How does it work?

Our first class will be approx. 90 minutes long. If you live in the core zone of Vienna, I will come to your place and will also bring a clean yoga mat if you don’t have any! We will get to know each other and have a little chat about what you want to work or improve on, so I know what kind of practice will be the right one for you. Afterwards, we are going to start our 60-minute practice with a few minutes of mindfulness/breathing techniques, followed by a asana practice tailored to your needs and we will close the sequence with a guided meditation! I will always have an open ear for your needs and create the perfect sequences for you if we decide to meet on a regular basis 😊 We will also agree on a time and date that works best for both of us (I am very flexible though)! I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

1st 90 minutes Private Yoga Class: €150
Follow Up classes à 60 minutes: €100

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